We are proud of our strong reputation for beautiful and quality results but are most proud of the award-winning service we provide our clients.

We proudly manage a network of professionals that are dedicated to their craft and are proud representatives of their trade. Years of experience and have honed not only our skillset but also our process. From the initial inquiry, we guide you throughout the process right up to the final post-construction details.


Initial Inquiry
  • For all projects big and small we ensure that each project is planned and executed properly. An initial meeting is usually preceded by a phone chat and email exchange sharing a few photos of the project area or some design photos you may have found on the web. These are all very helpful in establishing your personal goals and helps us to understand how we can be helpful in achieving them.
  • To initiate this first step you can call or fill out the Queen Street Carpentry & Contracting contact form for a follow-up quote and proposal.


On-Site Visit
  • The on-site meeting is the next step and allows us to get a first glimpse of the existing building and all the nuances that come with it. We have a thorough discussion of your goals and needs, as well as starting to work through various options and suggestions that come up in the conversation. From here we determine if additional design drawings are required. If no drawings are required we go straight to the Estimate/Proposal Step.


Feasibility Design
  • If additional design or drawings are needed to flush out the ideas or visually explore different options that are to be costed, then one of Queen Street Carpentry & Contracting’s reputable Designers, Draftspersons, or Architects will be brought on to assist and to help you plan your dream project with a budget in mind. These drawings are an opportunity to pursue larger scope changes such as: significantly reworking a floor plan, adding or expanding a roof element, or composing an addition to the home.
  • Based on the agreed design scope, you would receive drawings and renderings of the options you’ve requested. These drawings are essential to solidifying an idea into something tangible that can be measured and, more importantly, costed. Any questions about zoning for the property, by-laws restricting certain types of development, and building code regulations that are specific to the project should be addressed at this stage. Once those questions are satisfied you can proceed with confidence.


Estimate/Budget Proposal
  • Queen Street Carpentry & Contracting will provide a complete scope of work and estimate for your project.
  • If you’ve gone through the Feasibility Design step… Queen Street Carpentry & Contracting will work with the design technician to come up with a plan and estimate for your renovation project. The goal of this proposal step is to arrive at a scope of work and general costs that are both financially manageable and achieve as much of your renovation goals as possible.
  • It’s important to note that estimates/budget proposals are not firm quoted costs as it is only the first step in the costing process. Collaborating in a follow-up meeting to review the initial budget proposal and subsequent drafts are recommended to clarify certain details, highlight options, and suggest any revisions. The costs shown are based on our general experience with similar tasks as well as general pricing information from our suppliers and subcontractor partners. We’ve found that there are too many choices and variables to provide a reliable and accurate firm price without going through this general budgeting step first.
  • Queen Street Carpentry & Contracting will meet with you to go over the final proposal, discuss the scope and budget of the plan in detail. Once you have taken your time to review the final proposal and estimate you can decide whether or not you want to go forward with the project.


  • You’re in! We can not wait to start this journey with you. We’ll prepare the contract and once you’ve committed we can continue on to our next step…


  • Queen Street Carpentry & Contracting along with the Architect/design technician, will facilitate permit applications on behalf of our clients.


Selections Process
  • Queen Street Carpentry & Contracting will guide you through making your selections and arrange pre-construction meetings to go over the details before construction begins. Up to this point, most costs have been based on historical information and experience, and an assumption of the costs of your selections. 
  • Queen Street Carpentry & Contracting will invite select Subcontractor Partners to view completed plans and/or arranges a visit to the project site. Their respective scopes of work are clarified, and professional opinions and recommendations are noted. This is the time when the costs in the budget proposal are refined into a firm price contract.


Firm Price Contract
  • All of the previous steps lead us to the goal of creating a Firm Price Contract. The information gathered from the Selections and from Subcontractor Partners Steps is compiled into a finished document which is the Firm Price Contract. This approval closes the Planning Phase of the process and leads directly into the Construction Phase.


  • Planning and selections are complete. It is now time to begin construction. Throughout every phase of the construction process, Queen Street Carpentry and Contracting will keep you connected and updated on the progress. Regular site visits are made to monitor and ensure the renovation process and plan is being carried out as planned and report to the client any changes in schedule.


Final Walk-Through
  • The fun part! We at Queen Street Carpentry & Contracting are proud to give you the client a final walkthrough once the construction is completed so that you can review the end result and discuss any final details.
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