Taking on Challenges
They are not afraid to take on complicated projects and challenges. A recent outdoor carpentry project we did was to create a dormer window across the side of a house, which was part of an attic conversion into a bedroom/reading room. The structural design was complicated, but we opened up the attic to natural light with a dormer window, while also adding a visual feature to the exterior of the house.

Queen Street Carpentry and Contracting’s creativity comes from a willingness to learn and research new methods to understand the structure and architectural features of your home. We work cooperatively with other trades to give your home visual appeal. Restore exterior wood siding, repair rotten wood exterior for windowsills and trim, or add a balcony or covered porch.

An Outdoor Retreat
Other more modern deck projects include decks with visual features such as a diamond inlay or a privacy wall with panels of varying widths set horizontally. There are many possibilities for you to enjoy a visually appealing retreat in your backyard. Create an outdoor space that flows naturally from indoors to outdoors such as a custom-built outdoor kitchen. Entertain outside. Your retreat could also include a covered porch, pergola, or 3-season room. Collect and share your inspiration from Pinterest and Queen Street Carpentry and Contracting will make it happen.

Built-In Backyard Functionality
Add storage to your backyard and design a garden shed or an outdoor workspace. Organize your deck with storage space and built-in features and add function to your backyard.

Blog Posts [Exterior]

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