Home Repairs and Renovations
Queen Street Carpentry and Contracting has lovingly restored homes from 100+ years of decay. We have renovated and repaired many vintage homes that were built in the 1800s in the historic downtown of St. Catharines and Niagara-on-the-Lake. Repairs included addressing water damage to the stone foundation and wood and timber framing. Queen Street Carpentry and Contracting reproduced elements that were unique to each home, such as matching new wood columns and turned spindles, repurposing period vintage doors, or replicating unique baseboards or other mouldings to match the original.

Queen Street Carpentry and Contracting is adept in the fine skills of restoring historic buildings and in creating elements for newer homes such as new doors or window frames. We restore baseboards, doors, window trim or crown moulding and develop custom woodwork such as wood panelling for walls. We draw on details around your house to add to the character with elements such as custom layered mouldings. These custom features will contribute to the warmth of your home.

Our team brings utilizes our eclectic background and experience to our work focusing on the details in your home to elevate it to its full potential.

Queen Street Carpentry