Beautiful Bathrooms
Envision your custom bathroom renovation with an in-person consultation. Queen Street Carpentry and Contracting draws inspiration from your house to create a unique design that reflects your personality and your needs for the space.

Comfortable Custom Bathrooms.
Queen Street Carpentry and Contracting specialize in adding custom woodwork features to your bathroom. Outfit your bathroom with unique visual features such as custom shaker panels around a whirlpool tub or create a shower with a bench seating area. Other traditional and personalized touches could include beadboard wainscoting or custom trim to wrap around your bathroom for a finished look.

Remodel your master bathroom and create a space for you to relax and rejuvenate on a daily basis. Complete bathroom renovations include design consultation and custom-built elements. Add functionality to your bathroom with under sink storage, a linen closet, or built-in shelving. Personalize your cabinetry with custom-fitted inserts or install double vanities. For added luxury, connect your bathroom to a dressing room or a walk-in closet with built-in storage.

Unique Small Bathroom.
Queen Street Carpentry and Contracting will take inspiration from you and your home. Create a mood board or collect pictures that inspire you on Pinterest. Get creative with your bathroom design while using space efficiently. A non-traditional project could include a sliding barn door as the entrance. Consider a small bathroom renovation and convert an underused area, such as under a staircase, into a powder room.

Making a small space into a comfortable bathroom requires a lot of knowledge about correct fixture placement to take advantage of existing plumbing, and how to route any new plumbing needed. Adding a bathroom can lead to a more expensive and destructive plumbing job than needed, or an uncomfortable fixture or door placement, if the planning isn’t perfect. Queen Street Carpentry and Contracting has the right people to plan and execute your small bathroom addition or remodel the right way for long-lasting value and comfort.

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